The Storied Journey of Nerf Guns

//The Storied Journey of Nerf Guns

The Storied Journey of Nerf Guns

NERF guns and getting into action-packed Nerf battles have all given us sheer enjoyment at home, school or in the office. These awesome toy guns have, in a way, realized our dreams of becoming heroes and defenders of peace while engaging in a fun-filled bonding with our friends and colleagues.

Some of you might even own a complete set of the newest Nerf guns and blasters and memorise by heart which Nerf combo is best used for a particular battle and against an enemy line worth reckoning with. But have you any idea about the history of this classic toy and how it was originally created?

You may have won countless of Nerf battles in the past or are armed with different Nerf guns but now is the good time to arm yourself with its history and how they grew to become so popular today. Read through for a brief history of Nerf.

The Nerf brand was established by Parker Brothers upon the introduction of the foam-based toy Nerf ball. Nerf was then sold to Kenner Products in 1991. Later on, Kenner Products would be purchased by toy giant Hasbro including all rights to sell the Nerf product line.

Nerf has officially penetrated the toy market in 1989 and has since become a widely successful toy brand. It was during this year when the first-ever Nerf blaster called Blast-a-Ball was released. Blast-a-Ball is a single-fire ball blaster that is able to fire away one ballistic ball every two seconds. It was part of the primitive Original Nerf Blaster Series composed of eleven blasters whose main ammo were arrows and ballistic balls. Other early forms of blasters include Blast-a-Matic, Bow ‘n Arrow, Master Blaster, Missilestorm, Missile Launcher, NB-1 Missile Blaster, Sharpshooter, Slingshot, Zap Snaps and Arrowstorm. The release of the original Nerf series, however, was cut by 1993 to replaced by newer designs of blasters in the coming years.

There’s a whole lot of stories concerning the meaning behind the term Nerf. One of them is that Nerf is an acronym which stands for Non Expanding Recreational Foam but this still remains unproven up to this day. Another piece of information related to it says that the term “Nerf” was derived from the foam-padded roll bars on Jeeps used in off-road racing which were called “Nerf bars.”

Aiming to venture into new avenues for sales and entertainment, the Nerf product line went on to expand its product offerings and going beyond shooting foam darts and balls. It began to tap the laser tag market by offering quality sets of laser tafs called the Phoenix LTX set and the Lazer Tag Augmented Reality (LTAR which is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time) set. The LTAR set was cascaded into the market from 2006 until 2012.

Despite this advancement and with the age of smartphones and online video games, Nerf continues to become a popular entertainment for the young ones and the young at heart. The toy guns are still doing an active role in uniting kids and adults together in an engaging Nerf wars to take a quick break from their busy class and work schedules.

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